Because of worldwide recession and huge jerks in the global stock exchange markets especially the recent rapid devaluation of South Africa Rand, the Knitwear Companies, and Knitwear Importers are unable to sell the knitted garments to the South African market imported from overseas. The prices for the imported knitwear garments have gone beyond the buyers budgets, so,the wholesalers and stockists are relying the local South African Knitting manufacturing companies to carry on their business.

Now a days Knitting Industry has become a rare industry not only in South Africa but also in Southern Africa, and there only few reliable Knitting manufacturers around.

There are only few companies in South Africa who are capable to do below given customized Knitted items:

Knitted Corporate Wear

Knitted School Wear

Knitted Zipper Jerseys

Knitted Long Sleeve Jerseys

Knitted Sleeveless Jerseys

School Shoes

Knitted Beanies

Knitted Fashion Wear

Knitted Long Cardigan

Knitted Sleeveless Cardigan

Knitted Work Wear

Knitted Sports Wear

Knitted Promotional Wear


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Best Knitting Companies

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School Shoes



Kalla knitwear Manufacturers, a company which constructs quality knitwear at affordable prices, however we do not compromise on the design, detail and workmanship. We offer a wide range of products such as: long sleeve and sleeveless V-necks, cardigans be it basic or elaborative designs, security jerseys, cricket jerseys, headwear and scarves all tailor-made to the client’s visionary designs and specifications.

Our famous fields are:

                                 Corporate Wear

                                 School Wear

                                 Zipper Jerseys

                                 Long Sleeve Jerseys

                                 Sleeveless Jerseys

                                 School Shoes


                                 Fashion Wear

                                Long Cardigan

                                Sleeveless Cardigan

                                 Work Wear

                                Sports Wear

                                Promotional Wear

                                 School Shoes


Our company offers its services and expertise to various schools, hospitals, banks, clothing industries, security companies, clothing and specialist stores as well as promotional companies with stylish and sophisticated garments and accessories designed in house by our imaginative eccentric team. Our completed product speaks for itself by taking your company or school to new elevated dimensions with a professionally inclined status and brands.

We mainly specialize in corporate wear, school wear, security wear, couture market, customized headwear and scarves. The headwear and scarves are streamlined for promotional purposes as well as putting a label to a company’s forefront. We offer custom school wear for matric students and well as prefects or Student councils.

We are well known in South African Knitting market as:

Corporate Wear Manufacturers

School Wear Manufacturers

Zipper Jerseys Manufacturers

Long Sleeve Jerseys Manufacturers

Sleeveless Jerseys Manufacturers

School Shoes Manufacturers

Beanies Manufacturers

Fashion Wear Manufacturers

Long Cardigan Manufacturers

Sleeveless Cardigan Manufacturers

Work Wear Manufacturers

Sports Wear Manufacturers

Promotional Wear Manufacturers



Garments and accessories are manufactured using low pill fibre to offer first-class quality and durability.

Kalla Knitwear manufacturers a company based in Johannesburg South. This company was established since 1976. Kalla knitwear being a family-run business gives their clients a welcoming and friendly aura when conducting business. The company is now being handled by its second generation of highly skilled, reliable and creative management and production team.


For the past 40 years we have been offering a wide range of corporate, safety, fashion and school wear such as: long sleeve and sleeveless jerseys, cardigans, cricket jerseys, headwear and scarves, designed and manufactured by a highly skilful team who have evolved with the years of experience.


Through the years the company has progressed with the elevation of moving over from mechanical machines to fully automated electronic machinery which is a small addition to our strategy of optimizing production for quick delivery times on bulk orders.

We will entertain anything from an ordinary single or double stripe uniform jersey to Special Matric or Prefect jerseys by striving for a more unique, modern, contemporary designs, with unsurpassed quality and exclusivity. We use low pill fibre as a standard across the board for all garments and accessories to offer the best quality and durability in terms of usage.


We service various schools and clothing industries by producing and supplying men’s, ladies, children’s and corporate knitwear in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Objective And Principles
There are various reasons why Kalla Knitwear is the best choice to partner up with for all your knitwear and accessory needs.

We offer all our clients:

·         The most competitive prices for quality items.

·         Short manufacturing times for bulk quantities.

·         Professionally finished goods giving your items a sophisticated appearance and impression.

·         We use low pill fibre/yarn as a standard across all colours.

·         We specialize in 10 gauge and 7 gauge knits.

·         We ensure all deadlines are met with every order.

·         Friendly and efficient service to ensure our clients receive the best experience.

·         We are a level one (1) contributor to B – BBEE


We go the extra mile to ensure that all our clients and prospective new clients are more that satisfied with whatever it may be that they require. Therefore without further ado contact us and let us astonish you with the best service and quality that South Africa has to offer.


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